Almost 5 continuous months in MD, live here now, work here now, living in in God’s faithfulness.


In Maryland, looking for a job, living on Drummond, experiencing what it means to follow your dreams.


OK! About that life is in order thing… well. I finished the year! Great team of teachers to start a career with! I am back in Gulf Breeze, moved from Jupiter in June and waiting to hear about Maryland Certification so that I can get back to DC/MD and settle for a while! Big changes await! (Patience is so hard). Hopefully in about 2 weeks, I will be in MD, finding a job and signing a lease!!! (Prayers please!)


So, I forgot to update my calendar… ha. Surprise surprise… I know. Tomorrow I am moving from the condo in west palm to JUPITER (not the planet!) To a little place that I love and am thrilled about! I am teaching around the corner and the greatest school JTES. And my life is in order… at least for the next few months… 🙂


Today I am in Riviera Beach, FL. (West Palm, if you will) Here ends the whirlwind drive that has been my past week. Starting on Wednesday, Aug. 6th I drove the east coast…. kind of. I drove from Olney, MD to Durham, NC to visit my friends, Natalie and Dane (5hrs). The 7th from Durham, NC to Pensacola, FL to spend some time with my family (11.5 hours). On the 10th Pensacola, FL to Tallahassee, FL (3hrs) to see some college friends (ABBY!) and then today from Tallahassee, FL to Riviera Beach, FL (6.5 hrs). All in all it has been a crazy and wonderful adventure.


I am approaching my last couple of weeks in Olney. I am cringing at the thought of leaving and trusting that God will help me see the timing in all of this! I haven’t made any concrete plans yet, but Aug 5th/6th is looking like the last days. I hate to say it, but it is going to come soon. I am trying my best to make the best of the rest of my time in this place that has become a HUGE part of my life!!!!!


I am in Olney, MD. It is about a 20min. commute to DC. The land of the free the home of the brave. And it is lovely here. I am living with a wonderful family, the Kendalls, who consist of 6 people, 3 cats, and 1 dog and half the neighborhood. One of the first things that they (my new church) told me about the Kendalls was their gift for hospitality. So true. There are always people around coming to eat, hang out, and really just be here. I have felt amazingly welcomed into this home. Which, I must say, is lovely.

The church (Oakdale Emory UMC) is wonderful, Katie Y., the children’s minister is hilarious, she is so great, creative and real. I loved that about her immediately, like so many people in my life, I love that Katie Y. is who she is and that is clearly wonderful. Allison is tall, like me, she is the youth pastor and we bonded instantly eye to eye in the parking lot at 11:30pm May 28th. Katie B. the other intern is a sweet girl, wonderful and funny and I am having fun getting to know her.

Things that I noticed:

1.    The Christian radio station theme: “America, we love you, home of red, white, and blue”. Sung in a horrendously sappy rendition. Just imagine for yourself.
2.    Target has two floors and that makes is more awesome that all other Targets. And I further my point by saying that it is a ninja target, most people have no idea it exists in its location (hidden w/o a specific entrance) and actually drive farther to less awesome Targets.
3.    People honk. Seriously, it is out of control.
4.    The speed camera. You should be thanking the Lord right now that you don’t have one and petitioning that you never get one or see one ever in your life… seriously, big brother is watching. mmmm… DC.
5.    Every house needs a whole room devoted to the love of tea and crafting. One thing would make it better… labeling everything in French. « Les Papiers Bleu »