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Today I went on a hunt for electric pencil sharpeners that I need for my classroom. Everyone said, just go to wal-mart, but I don’t shop at wal-mart at all. (another post for another day) Anyway, went to Staples, Target, and finally Office Max, where thank goodness, I finally found one (two actually). **PS If you are looking for a sale on electric pencil sharpeners, go to office max, thier $22.99 mid-grade model is on sale for $10.00 Wahoo!!**

But, that is not even the story. Here is the funny part… πŸ™‚

At Target, I got a few supplies and decided that I needed marking/grading pens.. they had a pack on sale for $.99 so I decided that that would be a worthwile investment. When I got to the check out, they wouldn’t ring up. They just read “item invalid” or something like that. So, to avoid a bunch of drama for cheap pens, I just said, “I don’t need them, don’t worry about it.” It wasn’t a big deal, I just thought it would be nice to have some back-up pens… Oh well. At this point, I had crossed Staples off the list and now Target, so I was off to Office Max. When I walked in the door, someone pointed me in the right direction, and I was met with three nice choices, I chose the middle price and then my eye was caught on a box of purple pens, yes, purple, a good choice for grading, in my opinion, so I picked up a box! At check out, I was plesently surprised that the pencil sharpener was less than half the normal price and the pens were only $0.01… no lie! So then, the cashier says “Um, I am not supposed to sell these (the pens) to you because there has been a recall on the product, do you really need them?” Of course, avoiding drama once again, I said, “No, that’s ok” So I had finished the classroom supply trip with two pencil sharpeners and NO PENS, not for lack of trying!!! I guess I didn’t need them!!

Funny how sometimes things don’t work out… and sometimes they do! (I am still glad I did not go to wal-mart) πŸ™‚